LifeWorks Volunteers

Volunteers at LifeWorks play an integral role in helping us fulfill our mission of transitioning youth and families from crisis to safety and success. In order to celebrate our gratitude for our volunteers, we are highlighting the experiences and joys our volunteers receive through the functions they perform at LifeWorks.

Our volunteers continue to return simply because they enjoy giving back to the community. Many of our volunteers give back just by sharing their time and experiences. Volunteer Michael Hancock says “I volunteer to bring some sort of peace to those who are less fortunate.” Others, like volunteer Lorie Barzano, believe that volunteering is the most precious gift a person can give. “Whether it be working hands-on with the kids or the organization, planning events or fundraising, I get to focus on a worthy cause and make a small difference.  I feel that if we all make a ‘small difference’ individually, we can turn this into a big difference together,” says volunteer Ashlynn Russey.

Our volunteers are especially dedicated to LifeWorks because of the mission we set out to fulfill. According to volunteer Amanda Zukowski, “LifeWorks’ sole purpose is to better the lives of a segment of the population that does not always have a voice or that tends to be forgotten.” The uniqueness of LifeWorks is that it “serves an at-risk population that has few options to turn to for help, provides them with a wide variety of quality services, and gives them on-going support that can change their lives,” says Lorie. Above all, Michael notes that LifeWorks touches the lives of its clients, helping to guide them through the difficult times. “Lifeworks starts on the streets and has the ability to follow a youth all the way through housing, education, counseling and work needs. Many of these individuals have been told they are failures their entires lives, so to actually have someone believe in them for the first time is monumental,” agrees Ashlynn.

For more information on how you can become a LifeWorks volunteer, visit and click on the Volunteer link.


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