Relationship Horizons

Betty is a middle-aged woman in shock, dealing with the trauma of her recent divorce after 23 years of marriage. John is a young man incapacitated by grief since separating from his wife earlier this year; he has isolated himself from friends and family. Maria is a mother of two who struggles with dating issues since her children’s father abandoned them. These are just a few of the people who have found help in LifeWorks’ Relationship Horizons.

LifeWorks’ Relationship Horizons service offers group counseling and support for adults who are dealing with the aftermath of ending their marriage or primary relationship. Our clients come from all walks of life, but share in common the devastating impact a divorce or breakup can have. The resources offered through Relationship Horizons helps these otherwise healthy, well-functioning adults with the support and help they need to recover and begin to move on with their lives.

For those individuals courageous enough to seek help, the pain of heartbreak can transform into healing and understanding. Clients begin by meeting with a Relationship Horizons counselor for up to three pre-group sessions. They then move into a group setting where they meet to receive support and information, share their experiences, and learn how to cope with their loss.  The 8-10 week groups end with community activities that help the members begin to reconnect with opportunities to socialize.

The following are stories of real people who have participated in LifeWorks’ Relationship Horizons program and have found success in counseling.

Daniel had lost his wife of 20 years to cancer two years before he met Jenny. He had struggled with the grief of his loss and was having trouble functioning in his daily life. After joining a Bible study group, Daniel was drawn to Jenny, a divorced woman who had a “spark of life.” They started dating and married two months later. However, the marriage was not what Daniel had thought it would be. Daniel found that his new wife spent much of her time clubbing and drinking. Almost ready to call it quits, Daniel turned to Relationship Horizons for individual counseling since Jenny would not join him.

In Relationships Horizons counseling, Daniel was able to discuss how his new relationship was affecting his life. He was also able to come to the realization that he was still grieving for his first wife and had not committed to his life with his new wife. Daniel was able to move through the steps necessary to find peace with his first wife’s death, and he began to explore what was unique and wonderful about Jenny. He found that when he spent more time doing what he and Jenny loved to do, she spent more time with him and less time drinking and clubbing.

Several months after counseling had ended, Daniel contacted the counselor to report that the new marriage was going better than he had expected.

Another client, Martha, had been struggling for 14 months after a difficult breakup with her boyfriend when she came to Relationship Horizons counseling. The couple had been together for about a year, but had kept their interracial relationship a secret from most of their friends and all of their family members because both were convinced that no one would approve. Her boyfriend had ended the relationship and told her he needed to find someone to love who his family could accept. Martha was not convinced and spent a great deal of time texting and calling him, trying to convince him that he still loved her and that they could resolve it.

In counseling, Martha realized that she was engaging him in texts and phone calls to maintain a connection with him, which only ended in fights and hard feelings. She slowly began the process of grieving for her relationship’s end and moving forward with her life. She began to find other interests besides the breakup, such as traveling around the country to see old friends. In her travels, she started to meet new people and even found other men she could date.

“Counseling made a difference in my life. It took so much time, but I realize now that he’s not the one for me and that’s okay. It’s amazing how not having that weigh me down anymore has opened my eyes and let me think clearly. Plus, I can now fully enjoy my new relationship and realize what a special and amazing person my new boyfriend is,” says Martha. 

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