Sharing the LifeWorks Story

During the holidays, the boys of the NYOS Charter School volunteered to help out with LifeWorks’ Project Holiday Help (PHH). The boys visited the South First location to learn about the various programs LifeWorks offers.  They also built wooden displays to help promote and advertise PHH.

Months after visiting LifeWorks, one of the boys remembered LifeWorks when he heard his friend had been kicked out of his home. Unable to pay for an apartment and living on the streets, he needed a place to stay. The boy gave his friend the contact information for LifeWorks, and the shelter was able to help the boy stay off the streets.  He is currently still in school and has a place to call home.

Sharing the LifeWorks story has a great impact on individuals and the whole community. Thanks to one more person knowing about LifeWorks and our services, a youth was kept off the streets and given a home.

If you know a youth who has lost a home, please contact the LifeWorks Emergency Shelter at 512.441.6914.


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