Raise Money for LifeWorks through GoodSearch

Donating to LifeWorks is now easier than before. You can help LifeWorks raise money simply by using GoodSearch.com, a search engine powered by Yahoo! that donates 50 percent of its revenue to the charities of your choice.  

Sign up for GoodSearch here. To get started, simply choose LifeWorks as your cause and click “verify.” Then, search the web as you normally would, and for every search you make, GoodSearch will donate money to LifeWorks.

Spread the word about GoodSearch by emailing your family and friends, or by adding GoodSearch to your homepage. Doing so will allow the people in your life to support LifeWorks on your behalf.

And, if you shop online at GoodShop.com, up to 30 percent of every purchase you make will go to benefit LifeWorks. For a full list of GoodShop partner merchants, visit the GoodShop website.

More information about using GoodSearch and GoodShop can be found at www.goodsearch.com.


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