LifeWorks Goes Green

Community Garden

With the world becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, more people and organizations are doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint and clean up the environment. LifeWorks is also doing its part in becoming environmentally conscious with its group the Green Team.

The LifeWorks Green Team, formed in September 2008, focuses on the three r’s of green living, which are reduce, reuse, recycle. LifeWorks has instituted recycling at all of the sites, along with pickups at four of the sites, which are done by Ecology Action,” says Lauren Dreyer, a founding member.

However, the Green Team doesn’t just focus on recycling. “We planted a garden at the South Site to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs for the shelter, and we get the youth involved in taking care of the garden,” says Lauren.  A new community garden at the East Central Site is in the works where people can rent a space to grow their own fruits and vegetables for as little as $10-$20 a year.

Going green not only saves LifeWorks money, it also creates a cleaner, healthier workplace for LifeWorks’ staff and clients. Counselors at the South Site are using the green space behind the building to conduct counseling sessions. The green space gives counselors and clients a chance to get out of the office environment and helps those being counseled to find peace within nature.

“Part of our long-term green goal for LifeWorks is to create more green spaces and conserve energy, water, and paper,” notes Lauren.  You can do your part by simply recycling. “Starting small is easy. Instead of throwing unneeded paperwork in the trash, throw it in the recycling can instead. And if you’re worried you won’t remember to recycle, you can place a recycling bin at your desk as a reminder,” says Lauren.

Above all, the Green Team needs people to get involved. “We are a flexible committee, and we welcome board members to get involved,” says Lauren. You can also help by donating the following items:

  • Recycling bins
  • Metal or wooden tables and benches
  • A small solar-powered fountain
  • Tiles/stones for a patio area
  • Butterfly garden plants
  • Bricks for building gardens

For more information on the LifeWorks Green Team, or how to help with the community gardens, contact Lauren Dreyer at 512.560.9717 or at


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