Transforming LifeWorks Transitional Living Shelter


NY Life 1

Forget sleeping in on a Saturday!  Over 30 volunteers from New York Life Insurance’s Long Term Care Division (LTCD) rallied together on Saturday, May 16th to transform LifeWorks Transitional Living Shelter.

 Volunteers gathered at 8:30a.m. as the shelter’s residents were still sleeping. After a brief introduction by Brett Barnes, LifeWorks Director of Development, the transformation got under way. The volunteers set out to build a receptacle for the recycling bins, landscape the front of the building, and clean the drains and gutters.

 Despite the sweltering morning heat, the volunteers worked hard and with amazing energy. Soon, tools were in every hand as the group worked to beautify the building.

 As the lumber was unloaded, plans were laid for the recycling receptacle. The large structure, which accommodates four bins and cardboard, was completed in a matter of hours with the excellent teamwork of New York Life Insurance’s LTCD volunteers.

 The front landscaping involved weeding, planting, fertilizing and mulching. As the morning progressed, the clients awoke to find that the entry walkway to the shelter had turned into an oasis of shade.

Not only did a few adventurous volunteers clean the drains and gutters, but they also saw to it that the surrounding trees received a much needed trim.

 As the morning progressed, a few incredibly generous volunteers purchased enough mulch for the entire grounds. The effect was amazing; the landscaping has never looked so complete and uniform.

 The group finished just as the rain came to give the building a good washing and the garden a good watering.

 The difference New York Life Insurance’s LTCD made on the shelter is astounding. Their dedication has given LifeWorks clients a beautiful outdoor space for their home. However, the generosity of the group doesn’t stop there. New York Life Insurance’s LTCD also hosted a Baby Shower Donation Drive, raising over ten boxes of baby care items, donated a tub of hygiene products, and finished their month of giving with a monetary donation.

NY Life 2


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