Sweet Charity

Christie's CookiesThe Christie Cookie Company is donating $25,000 to charities! In celebrating its 25th anniversary, the Nashville based company is opting out of a big bash and instead choosing to celebrate by giving back.

Through October 15, you can help us by entering LifeWorks in their Charity Giveaway. The charity with the most nominations receives $10,000!

Christie’s Cookies was founded by Christie Hauk in 1983. Christie left his corporate job and set out to create the perfect cookie. 25 years and millions of cookies later, the Christie Cookie Company is known for its “elegant packages and unique corporate gifts.” Christies uses real butter, fresh nuts, and french chocolate to make its most popular flavors, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and white chocolate macadamia nut! Every batch is hand mixed and made to order.

“We are fortunate to have achieved success by doing what we love for so many years. We want to extend heartfelt gratitude to those who devote themselves to improving the quality of life of others,” said Christies President, Fleming Wilt, in a statement released earlier this month.

Check out the website, indulge yourself, nominate LifeWorks, and treat us to a helping of sweet, sweet charity. Be sure to tell your friends!

For more information on the cookie company, or to set up a tour contact Sue O’Donnell by email or phone: 645-212-3847


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