Happy Thanksgiving

Are you ready to celebrate Thanksgiving!?

At LifeWorks, we already started! In our merriment, we learned some fun facts about Thanksgiving that we wanted to share with our readers!

Did you know that Thanksgiving was not made an official holiday by Congress until 1941? Though the Pilgrims celebrated it in the 1620s, and Abraham Lincoln declared it a holiday in 1863, the holiday was not recognized by the federal government until 1941. Until then, Thanksgiving was considered a tradition.

Did you know the cranberry is one of three fruits entirely native to North America! The others are the blueberry and the concord grape.

 Did you know the largest pumpkin pie ever baked weighed 2,020 pounds and measured just over 12 feet long?According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it was baked on October 8, 2005 by the New Bremen Giant Pumpkin Growers in Ohio, and included 900 pounds of pumpkin, 62 gallons of evaporated milk, 155 dozen eggs, 300 pounds of sugar, 3.5 pounds of salt, 7 pounds of cinnamon, 2 pounds of pumpkin spice and 250 pounds of crust.

Did you know that  Snoopy has appeared as a balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade more times than any other character? The flying ace made his sixth appearance in 2006.

The first time the Detroit Lions played the Chicago Bears on Thanksgiving was in1934? They have played them every year since, except for a brief period between 1939 and 1944.

The first Thanksgiving celebration was a symbol of cooperation and interaction between those who had and those who had not. Every year, we remember not only the gift of the meal, but the gift survival taught to the Pilgrims by the Native Americans. So, there is no more perfect holiday than this, to say thanks to those that make what we do possible.We could not achieve anything without our wonderful donors and volunteers. You are the backbone of what we do, and you make it possible for us to teach those less fortunate about surviving in this world. On this Thanksgiving, LifeWorks gives thanks for you.

For more fun facts about Thanksgiving and other holidays, visit the History Channel.


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