Happy Holidays!

The Holidays are a joyful time rife with holiday parties and spending time with family and friends. Traditions are made and observed. Voices are raised in song. It is truly the most wonderful time of the year.

But one of the best parts of all holiday celebrations is giving gifts to others. These gifts send many different messages. We say, “Thanks for being a great friend”; “You’re a wonderful sister”; “I couldn’t have made it this far without such fantastic parents”; or simply, “I love you”.  Regardless of people’s differences, we all give to those we care for.

At LifeWorks, the atmosphere is no different. We are festive and jolly, and want to thank all who help us give to youth who need a happy holiday. LifeWorks Project Holiday Help will reach 400 families this holiday season! Donors adopt families to whom they give gifts, host holiday parties where volunteers interact with clients, give supplies towards our backpack drive for street outreach, and donate gift cards for a gift card drive.

Our holiday donors give so much more than supplies to youth who need them—they also give compassion.  Your gifts say, “You are cared for.” And that is the greatest of gifts given during the holiday season.

We at LifeWorks want to wish all our donors a safe and happy holiday season!

For more info on how you can share in the holiday spirit,please email Maureen Engle.


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