Congratulations Zooma Runners!

Before you even thought about getting up to make your morning coffee on the weekend of May 29th and 30th, LifeWorks volunteers were out at the Hyatt Lost in the Pines Resort making sure that our awesome runners had everything they needed to run the Zooma Half Marathon and 5K races. Below is an insight into the preparation for the Half Marathon.

The day started quite literally before dawn, with volunteers arriving as early as 5AM to help direct traffic parking to take shuttle transport to the race event.

Around 6:00 AM volunteers began arriving to help set up the water stations at each mile marker in the black darkness. Luckily, no volunteers were lost…at least not for very long! A delicious breakfast of bagels, fruit, and coffee were provided to help us wake up and keep us energized for our task ahead.

The race began at 7:15 AM in what was certainly a blaze of glory. For those of us stationed at mile 11 (approximately 2 miles before the finish line) we cannot be certain just what it looked like, but knowing how many people came through our water station,  it must have been a sight.

It was a full hour before our first runner arrived led around the course by a gnarly dude on a motorcycle. Runner number one ran swiftly by grabbing a quick sip of a sports drink and a small cup of water to douse himself with. Runner number 2 followed closely behind.

From then on, lots of hardworking runners zipped past our water stop on their way to glory! At the end of the race, runners and volunteers could attend an After-Party Expo with wine from Barefoot Wine & Bubbly, beer from Left Hand Brewing, post-race massages, demos and shopping will pamper runners after the race, or just sit by the pool, relax, and cool off tired feet.

It was a great weekend! Thanks to all our volunteers who helped make everything run smoothly! LifeWorks also wants to extend congratulations to all its race runners! You’re all winners in our book!

Half Marathon

Josh Krueger 1:40:17, Paul Solis 1:57:38, Susan McDowell 2:13:56, Mitch Weynand 2:22:38, Will Hancock 2:23:00


Wendy Varnell 23:41, Anais Murphy 27:17, Edna Rodriguez 30:21, Linda Flores 34:12, Rebecca Breeden 35:48, Kasey Brady 36:59, Susan McDowell 37:01, Duncan Cormie 37:16, Kelli Nielson 38:59, Corey Cormie 39:42, Jackie Platt 43:00, Brian Baldonado 44:37, Shelia Roemisch 45:43, Natasha Brockington 48:57, Bernadette Pinon 48:57, Wanda Robins 48:57, Melita Cantu 52:26, Aleza Berube 53:29, Stephanie Rainbolt 53:28, Marie Heath 53:42, Sherrie Porter 54:25


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