Earn $1 for LifeWorks with wantANDfound

Do you spend a lot of time trying to find happy hour specials in town? Can’t find a decent restaurant in your price range? Suffer no more! Austin’s newest business venture wantANDfound is your place for great local deals.

How It Works:

wantANDfound helps you save money AND support your local business community. For shoppers, it’s a free and easy way to get access to the latest deals, sales, and secret backstock! Businesses get an online, mobile social marketing platform to promote discounted inventory, events, and online specials for free. To make it even easier, wantANDfound has a free iPhone app that can be downloaded from the app store and used for businesses and shoppers promoting and looking for the best deals around.

How They’re Giving Back:

wantANDfound is donating $1 to LifeWorks for every shopper who signs up for a free account. When you sign up, there will be a space asking who referred you to wantANDfound. Just tell ’em LifeWorks and we’ll get the donation!

Wait! It gets better. For every business that signs up for a PRO account, wantANDfound will donate $20 to LifeWorks. You can cancel your account any time in the first month and the donation will still go to LifeWorks!

WAIT! It gets better still! Not only does everyone get to meet their needs easily while having fun, but if you sign up during the month of April, you get the chance to win a $500 giveaway!

So, take a second to download the app & mention LifeWorks, and start saving money!

For more info, check out wantANDfound’s website.


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