Meet LifeWorks Volunteer Jessica Wyatt!

Meet Jessica Wyatt, a 23 year old Production and Fulfillment Coordinator for SureScore, an educational consulting firm committed to becoming the leading provider of college readiness initiatives for school districts. As if helping increase college readiness in Austin public schools isn’t work enough, during her free time, Jessica is a volunteer for LifeWorks

Jessica first began her experience with LifeWorks as a graphics design intern working with the development department. Since graduating and accepting a job with SureScore, she continues to help design a variety of projects, including t-shirts, invitations, posters, and online items for a variety of events including HIC and the Academy Awards Gala. Jessica also helped design this very blog! A fun fact about Jessica: Her friends, family, and eye doctor think she is color blind, a rare and ironic trait for graphic designers.

Jessica enjoys working with LifeWorks in part because of the people.When asked how she felt when working with LifeWorks staff and volunteers she stated, ” The staff is friendly and welcoming. Everyone is there because they want to help others and when everyone has the same goal things run smoothly and efficiently.”

When asked about her favorite LifeWorks programs, Jessica said, “I love the fact that LifeWorks helps men and women learn English, as well as helping people get their GED. Everything LifeWorks provides for the community is to help people gain the skills to survive in this world. LifeWorks as a whole is amazing and inspiring.”

What keeps Jessica going? Jessica says she loves the creative freedom she experiences designing for LifeWorks, and the fact that her design work is used to attract the Austin community to learn more about LifeWorks and to help those in need know where to go to get the knowledge and supplies they need.

LifeWorks wants to thank Jessica for all she does! You help make our mission successful.

For more information about volunteering or interning with LifeWorks visit


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