Join Brenna in the Spirit of Giving

My name is Brenna Cannon, and I am 16 years old.  I am in the Class of 2011 at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School.  My mom is on the Board of LifeWorks, and so I have learned about the different LifeWorks programs through her.  

I was curious to see what the Street Outreach was like, and so on the Thursday before Easter she took me to have a tour of the facility and see what they actually do.  It was so amazing to me that they helped all of these young adults; some my age and some not much older.  It struck me to see that they were so excited about dyeing Easter eggs, something that I have done every Easter since I can remember, but I had never thought of as a privilege.  I decided that I wanted to do something to help.  

Will Hancock, the Director of Street Outreach, told me what sort of needs they have over the summer; things like foot powder, insect repellant, first aid kits and sun screen.  I approached my schools service director, Chris Martin, after I heard they were in the brainstorming stage for the 9th grade service project, and told her of these needs.  The entire Upper School of St. Andrew’s came together and we were able to donate over 1000 summer items to Street Outreach.  Everyone really pitched in to help this worthy cause!  

I would like to continue supporting the programs at Street Outreach and with LifeWorks help I have set up my own fundraising website.  Please help me help them!  Just click on this link to find out more about my quest to support LifeWorks Street Outreach programs……………….Thank you!


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