Day in the Life of a Prevention Educator

I knew Mr. Finnegan’s Kindergarten class would be a difficult one from my first day with them. Daytron put me to the test.  He spent most of my 30 minute lessons under a table, yelling at the top of his lungs and throwing whatever was nearby.  I would work with the other students as best as I could over the screaming and hope that Daytron was hearing at least a little of what we were talking about.

The lessons I teach the children are all about learning how to deal with anger and strong emotions and how to solve your problems once you have calmed down.  I knew these skills would be very helpful to Daytron, if I could just get him to stay in control long enough to learn them.

I’m not sure when exactly the change happened in Daytron, but after about 3 months in his class I started noticing him sitting on the carpet with us more and more.  I also started seeing his hand shoot up when I would ask a question.

Then one day as the class began to sing our Problem Solving rap, I noticed Daytron. He was singing with his whole body; his hands rapidly signing our lyrics and his body bouncing along with the beat.  He was more calm than I’d ever seen him and had learned to engage without yelling.

Daytron was the most enthusiastic participant in Mr. Finnegan’s class that day.

– Aleza Berube, Guest Blogger and LifeWorks Prevention Educator


2 thoughts on “Day in the Life of a Prevention Educator

  1. Excellent story. That’s what prevention education should be all about. You’ve made a big difference in the life of one kid and probably all the kids in the the class.

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