EnviroMedia Team Gives Burgers and Bananas to Homeless Youth

Each year on September 11th, EnviroMedia Social Marketing’s cofounder Kevin Tuerff gives employees cash and time off to pay it forward—do random acts of kindness for strangers. This year my team bought burgers and bananas for homeless people on The Drag. But where were they?

For the first time, I did not see a single homeless person hanging out on Guadalupe. My EnviroMedia partner and I panicked a little because we were supposed to be showing our new high school friend who had come along how easy it is to pay it forward. We had a bag of burgers getting cold.

LifeWorks provides safety to homeless kids every day, so I should have known LifeWorks would also provide a safe place to give. In a last ditch effort to find appreciation for our burgers and bananas, I routed our team by the LifeWorks Street Outreach office on 23rd Street. Sure enough, a group of homeless teens were hanging out right there — in their safe spot.

We offered the food. They accepted. Hint to future givers—the bananas were a big hit. I could see sincerity in one guy’s eyes as he said, “Thanks for the potassium. I needed it.” Thank you, LifeWorks for what you do for them and for people who need a safe place to give.

Melanie Fish, Guest Blogger

Melanie works in Media Relations at EnviroMedia Social Marketing. Read more about Paying it Forward and let us know if you have a story to share.


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