Music For the Soul

Although LifeWorks serves the Austin community, our name stretches across borders. As a result, Lifeworks was featured in “Norte a Sur: 5 Rutas Una Experiencia,” a new show for The Discovery Channel/Discovery en Espanol. Throughout 10 episodes, the documentary followed five young adults who traveled from Alaska to Argentina, stopping in various cities along the way. Their second stop just so happened to be in our unique city, Austin,Texas.

On July 13 & 14, 2010, the young adults worked with Del Castillo, a Latin rock band based in Austin,and Symphony of Soul to put on a show benefitting LifeWorks. Symphony of Soul is a non profit that provides live music or “musicical medicine for the soul” to people who face challenging circumstances and rely on care centers, such as Lifeworks, for assistance.

Go to and click on the link to view the full episode.Some of the footage was shot at LifeWorks East Austin Youth and Family Resource Center location, so you might see some familiar faces.

Also, check out Symphony of Soul’s blog to learn more about the story.


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