Want Your Child to Give Back to the Community? Join Junior Funders Today.

LifeWorks has a new and exciting program suited specifically for teens: Junior Funders. After recieveing countless questions from parents about how to get their children involved in the community, we decided to take action. We surveyed young girls and boys to see how they felt about homlessness and helping out in the community: 83% believed that homelessness is somewhat of a problem in Austin and 80% believed that it is important for kids to help out in their community.

With those kind of results, LifeWorks felt that it was our duty to create a program that helped and supported kids to start their own donation drives. LifeWorks’ Junior Funders program not only encourages kids to create their own projects, such as making a lemonade stand, but also allows kids to recieve donations using their own donation page.

For several years in a row, Olivia has helped raise money for LifeWorks by selling stickers. Get your young one involved and start any of these creative projects:

  • Door Knob Hangers
  • Tye-Dye Pencil Case
  • Animal Barrettes
  • Model Magic Clay Pen

Although Junior Funders is a fun and engaging program that gives children the opportunity to use their creativity to raise money, the program also teaches kids about philanthropy and the importance of giving back to the community.

“We want to encourage young people in our community to give, but also set goals and enjoy being creative” said Stephanie Bazan, Director of Marketing at LifeWorks.

By being a part of Junior Fundraisers, children can grow up with a better understanding and awareness of the woes that the  Austin Community faces.


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