Kidd Kraddick Graduation Challenge Proves Hot

On Sunday March 13, two teams (Team Smart & Team Hot) selected by the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Radio show kicked off a week long spring break journey by partnering with LifeWorks Transitional Living Program (TLP).

Before arriving at our TLP facility, teams had no idea what they were going to be tasked to do.  The teams were asked to help either raise money or solicit donations for “Graduation Packets”.  LifeWorks has 8 youth currently living in the shelter that will either graduate from high school or have recently acquired their GED.  This is a major accomplishment given the obstacles they have overcome. 

Teams were given 3 hours to find things such as restaurant gift certificates, limo rides, graduation certificate frames, a photographer to take Senior Photos, or other items or cash to help celebrate the students’ achievements.  Team Smart brought back passes to the museum and IMAX, $160 worth of pizza gift cards from Dominoes, 5 large pizzas from Papa Johns, and $5 in cash.  Team Hot secured the services of Kevin Gourley Photography for Senior Photos, got pictures frames and graduation decorations donated from Target, 8 gift cards donated by Old Navy, and $50 gift card to Mr. Bones Bar-b-que! 

The teams left for their next challenge in San Antonio, but not before Team Hot was declared the unanimous winner by the residents at the TLP.  Thank you to Kidd Kraddick, Team Hot, Team Smart and all the businesses that donated!


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