Want to Earn Reward Points When You Shop Local and Support Local Charities?

Heard of Kiimby? If not, then you’re probably not earning points when you shop local and support local charities. So what is Kiimby? Kiimby, which stands for “Keep It In My Backyard,” is a community network that connects people to locally owned businesses and charities.

Kiimby’s founders embarked on a challenge to help communities by solving problems. You can help their mission become a reality by shopping at Kiimby member businesses.

When you order a kiimby card and shop at any participating local businesses, you will generate micro donations for your favorite local charities, while you earn reward points for yourself. Just swipe your kiimby card at participating locations or snap a photo of your receipt and send to rewards@kiimby.com

You connect commerce, cause, and communities when you use your kiimby card.

Although the task may seem easy, you’re doing a lot by using a kiimby card. A micro donation of $2.50 will provide one meal for a homebound person and a $10.00 donation is enough to train three dogs for behavorial issues to keep them out of a kill shelter. Make a donation of $25.00 and you can provide a teenage mother with two weeks worth of diapers and formula for her infant.

Join Kiimby NOW. Not only will they donate half your annual $10 membership fee to a local charity of your choice, but they will also reward you with a 100 kiimby points.

Click http://bit.ly/fSaOqM to sign up and order your kiimby card to start supporting LifeWorks and local Austin businesses in a new and fun way while earning kiimby reward points for yourself!


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