More Than a Tour – 3 Weeks at LifeWorks

My name is Charles Hoff and I am a senior at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School. For my “Senior Project,” I am interning for three weeks with LifeWorks. I am in the middle of my second week, and so far I have been exposed to many things I have never seen before. Last week, I saw the Emergency Shelter and then helped make turkey burgers at the Transitional Living Shelter. I found it interesting and impressive to see young adults transitioning from assisted living to living on their own. This week, I went to check out the Education Center and the Orientation for the English as a Second Language Program. It was cool to see people from different ethnic backgrounds coming to learn English for different reasons. Recently, I have been putting data from client files (Date of Birth, Open Date, Close Date, etc.) into an Excel Database. My time with LifeWorks has been fun and eye-opening and I look forward to continuing my work and presenting my project at school.


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