HIC Kickoff

It’s amazing the positive impact things most of us may take for granted – a sofa, bed, family pictures, dishes, and a few coats of your favorite color paint – can make in a young person’s life. But to that young person that never had those things or the place to call home, it can mean the difference of staying stuck in a cycle of hopelessness OR starting down the path to success and self-sufficiency. Take Mike for example:

In 2011, LifeWorks provided help for Mike, a young man who was struggling after being transferred from one home to another as a teen. Mike had grown up in homes where violence and conflict were common. After some of his belongings were stolen from his home, he decided he needed to find a safe and secure place to live. Mike discovered the LifeWorks Emergency Shelter and lived there for two months until he was able to secure an apartment with LifeWorks Supportive Housing Program. After having his bare apartment “made-over” as part of the Home Improvement Challenge, his outlook on his future got much brighter.  He graduated from high school last spring and started his first semester at Texas State in August, where he will study social work, so he can give back to the community.

With that in mind, we’re excited that the 8th Annual LifeWorks Home Improvement Challenge is already well under way.

On August 14th, professional designers and corporate and community partners began work on plans to transform eight LifeWorks clients’ apartments into beautifully designed homes. This year, teams from Dell, H-E-B, CLS Partners and Austin Asset Management, Westover Hills Church of Christ, LifeWorks Board of Governors, CSID, 3M and the Top Re-Models undertook the challenge of creating a home that represents their client. Each team was provided a handful of resources, as well as gift certificates to Four Hands Home and IKEA.

Teams are feverishly creating the perfect designs and collecting the needed pieces to remodel their client’s apartment on September 21st.  All work must be completed in eight hours. However at the end of the day, each team will share in the joy and excitement as their clients enter their newly remodeled homes for the very first time.

The Home Improvement Challenge is for our clients a life changing experience, because it puts them in a better position to succeed. We’re all eagerly anticipating the outcome of this year’s event.  Be sure to check back for updates. 


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