How $25 can change a life


When we think of having an impact on someone’s life, we often visualize people who donate millions of dollars or give thousands of volunteer hours. And while these are certainly valid (and desired) in the non-profit world, it is amazing how simply donating $25 can truly have a major impact on a life…especially here at LifeWorks.

So what CAN $25 do…

  • $25 pays for an Adult Basic Education workbook that will give the gift of reading to a young mom that wants to have story time with her children or to a father struggling to lift his family out of the poverty cycle he has been stuck in since he was a small child. 17% of Travis County adults can’t read above a 5th grade level.

  • $25 covers the cost of a counseling session for a young person or family, living below the poverty level and with no systems of support, which desperately needs someone to talk to and listen as they face a seemingly insurmountable obstacle.  20% of Travis County youth and adults suffer from a debilitating mental illness.
  • $25 provides a homeless youth a new backpack. When living on the streets, this is the easiest and safest way to carry and protect all your worldly possessions. Every night in Austin over 500 youth under the age of 18 have no safe place to sleep.
  • $25 helps provide a bus pass for a month so that a foster youth can get to school or work. 1 out of 4 foster youth will be homeless 2-6 months after turning 18 years old because they lack the support and learned skills to provide for themselves.$25 helps buy diapers and formula for a teen mom that is faced with homelessness if it weren’t for LifeWorks.  Texas is #3 in the nation in teenage pregnancy and #2 in repeat pregnanci

Last year, LifeWorks served over 11,000 youth and families in our community that were in crisis. Our goal is to place these individuals on a path of success and self-sufficiency.  As you can imagine, each journey is different.  LifeWorks is there to help and be that empowering support system built around trust for those youth and individuals who have been let down by so many, for so long.

Imagine if hundreds or even thousands of $25 gifts were sent to LifeWorks. The impact would be incredible. Help us amplify our work by giving to LifeWorks during #AmplifyAustin! Together we can make change that will last a lifetime!


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