Creating a Safer Community

New Data Shows Resolution Counseling Effective in Reducing Domestic Violence.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Every day at LifeWorks, we work with individuals whose lives have been shattered by domestic violence, including victims, perpetrators, and children growing up in these unsafe, unstable environments.

Which is why we’re so excited about the results of an independent study that demonstrates the effectiveness of a LifeWorks’ program developed to end the generational cycle of family violence.

Resolution Counseling Emphasizes Responsibility and Communication.

Violence is often a learned behavior. Every year in the United States, more than 3 million children witness domestic violence in their homes. And because children repeat what they learn from adults, the tragedy becomes trans-generational. In fact, boys who grow up in abusive homes are significantly more likely to become abusers than boys raised in nonviolent homes. (Violence Against Women: Victims of the System, U.S. Senate Commission on the Judiciary).

For more than 20 years, LifeWorks has offered Resolution Counseling to adults who have been accused of partner violence. The program serves 1,000 individuals annually, and is one of the only resources of its kind in our community.

In LifeWorks’ Resolution Counseling, individuals accused of domestic violence learn to:

  • take responsibility for violent and abusive behavior
  • understand the dynamics of power and control
  • recognize the effects of violence on the family
  • learn communication and conflict resolution skills in order to manage emotions in non-aggressive ways

Study Demonstrates Effectiveness of Resolution Counseling.

According to a new study conducted by Liz Schoenfeld, Ph.D.(c), and Dr. Timothy Loving of the University of Texas at Austin, Resolution Counseling was associated with a reduced likelihood of being convicted of another domestic violence offense after exiting the program. Furthermore, the study demonstrated that for men in the program who were abused as children—the population most at risk of reoffending—participating in more sessions was associated with fewer domestic violence convictions upon exiting the program. In fact, completing more sessions was associated with fewer convictions of any kind.

Stronger Families Lead to Self-Sufficiency.

As a community, we must commit to getting those responsible for domestic violence into services as soon as possible. Too often, months or even years go by before offenders are prosecuted and assigned to services. Accountability must begin as close to the offense as possible. This is critical to ending the generational cycle of abuse. 

LifeWorks is a fearless advocate for youth and families seeking their path to self-sufficiency. We are committed to innovative problem solving, shared accountability and a relentless focus on achieving real, sustainable and measurable results for the clients we serve. The ability to have healthy relationships based on equality is a critical component to family self-sufficiency. 

By working together we CAN create a community where children grow up in safe homes that encourage and support their lifelong potential.

-Susan McDowell 

View Resolution Counseling in Action 


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